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An initiative of Entre, the Entrepreneurship club of Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad,  Management Clinic aims at helping the Startups and Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) effectively to address their needs, plan for growth and ensure the perpetuity of their business. The advisory services will be offered at a nominal cost by students of IIMA who will be guided by faculty members acting as Advisors for the student teams.

The program is structured to facilitate IIMA students to engage with selected firms for a period of up to 4 weeks to guide them on how to solve their most vexing problems. The businesses will find a collaborative environment
where students would help them diagnose and structure the method of addressing challenges they face. This service will be provided at a nominal registration fee of ₹3000 payable at the start of the engagement.

Interested Startups/ SMEs may apply by filling a form available on the Facebook page of Management Clinic:

Alternately, interested SMEs/ Startups might send an email to with the subject as “Application for Management Clinic” and by providing the name & description of the business, an overview of issues/ challenges and contact details.

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Gourav Beriwal

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Mikul Patel

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Young CEO

About us

Young CEO is a comprehensive simulated experience of how businesses can be started and be made successful.

It’s simple, step-by-step simulated game which will help you build up a start-up from the basic idea going all the way till business modelling, B-plan simulation, market simulation, VC funding rounds and board room simulations. The idea is to have you compete and learn at the same time.

The event would take place in different phases like Team formation, Problem Identification, B-Plan creation and VC pitching where you would get to learn several handy tools like Business canvas, and explore multiple Database. Nothing is black and white in the entrepreneurial world. So expect a few surprises along the way!

Important Dates and stages:

Registrations: July 1, 2017- July 3, 2017

Stage 1:
First Submission (one page draft) : July 9, 2017

Stage 2:
Results Announcement: July 14, 2017
Workshop 1 (BMC and Financial Modelling): July 23, 2017
Second Round Submission & Interaction (BMC + PPT): August 17 & 18, 2017

Stage 3:
Workshop 2 (Design Thinking): August 19, 2017
Finals (Presentation): September 10, 2017

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Raunak Bhiwal

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About us

Laboratory in Entrepreneurial Motivation (LEM) is an event which focuses on building the spirit of entrepreneurship through multiple talks and one-on- one interaction with professors, entrepreneurs and keynote speakers associated with startup ecosystem. LEM sessions are filled with unique experiences and stories of hundreds of IIM graduates who made entrepreneurship as their career choice.

Our mentors, through examples from their own life and life of several distinguished achievers, show the ability of the human mind and its limitlessness, and how entrepreneurship is able to draw it out. During multiple interactions, they helps students in analyzing and structuring their ideas and shares their own  expertise in converting those ideas into profitable businesses.

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Goutham Senthurvel

+91 900 32 42 024

Omar Farooq

Event Organizer
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About us

Mavericks Speak aims to build a platform for students enthusiastic about entrepreneurship to gain access to the experiences of budding and established entrepreneurs. We at Mavericks Speak aim to create a knowledge center for entrepreneurs and IIMA community by collating important learning and expertise from IIMA’s startup ecosystem. We interact with past students and mavericks and create sharable content in form of videos, documents and blogs which are shared with all. We have started building open & informal channels for communication such as breakout sessions with mavericks and alum entrepreneurs for IIMA students.

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Prerna Dalal

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About us

Start-up mania is a series of online quizzes for the IIM A community testing their knowledge of startup ecosystem in India and around the world. The event aims to foster eagerness in the minds of students about entrepreneurship and the current happenings in the startup world. With an aim to promote entrepreneurship, team tries to help students remain acquainted with various disruptions that take place in the ecosystem regularly, be it because of technology, new business models, innovative ideas or people itself.

A series of 7 quizzes from July to September. One winner will be selected for every quiz. There will be an overall winner of the series based on cumulative score in all 7 quizzes. It is an individual online quiz of 15-20 mins approx.Winners get to interact with the HTSAS 2.0 speakers regularly.

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Gowtham K Samy

Event Manager
+91 904 20 77 701

Amber Jain

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